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Jai Prakash University (JPU) Final Merit List 2019 UG Admission

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University NameJai Prakash Vishwavidyalaya Chapra (Saran), Bihar
Course NameTDC BA, BCom, BSc Part 1
Session2015-18 & 2016-19
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College Wise Merit List for JP University Chhapra

College Name
1B.D.S.M.M College,Chapra,Saran
2B.P.S College,Bhore,,Gopalganj
3D.A.V. College,Siwan
4D.B.S.D. College,Kadna,Saran
5D.P.R Degree College,Siwan
6Deshratna Rajendra Degree College,Ziradei,Siwan
7Dr.P.N.Singh Degree College,Chapra,Saran
8Ganga Singh College,Chapra,Saran
9Gopeshwar College,Hathwa,Gopalganj
10H.R. College, Mairwa,Siwan
11H.R. College,Amour,Saran
12J.L.C College,Chapra,Saran
13J.P.M College,Chapra,Saran
14Jagdam College,Chapra,Saran
15Kamla Rai College,Gopalganj
16Lok Mahavidyalaya Hafizpur,Baniyapur,Saran
17M.H. Degree College,Tarwara,Siwan
18M.M. College,Gopalganj
19N.L.S. College,Daudpur-Jaitpur,Saran
20Narayan College, Goreakothi,Siwan
21P.C.Vigyan College,Chapra,Saran
22P.N. College,Parsa,Saran
23P.R. College,Sonpur,Saran
24R.B.G.R College,Maharajganj,Siwan
25Raja Singh College,Siwan
26Rajendra College,Chapra,Saran
27Ram Jaipal College,Chapra,Saran
28S.M.D. College,Netua Jalalpur,Gopalganj
29V.B.M. College,Siwan
30Y.N. College,Dighwara,Saran

For any kind of help please read below lines to contact…

Correspondence Address

  V.C. / Registrar
  Jai Prakash Vishwavidyalaya,
  Rahul Sankrityan Nagar,
  Near Parwati Ashram (Chota Telpa),
  Chapra – 841301,
  Bihar  V.C.-
  Fax No:- [06152] – 232607
  E-Mail:- [email protected]  Registrar –
  Phone No. :- [06152] – 233121
  Fax No. :- [06152] – 233507
  E-Mail:- [email protected]

These Constituent Colleges are:-

In Chapra (Saran) District.

  1. Rajendra College, Chapra (Saran)
  2. Jagdam College, Chapra (Saran)
  3. Jai Prakash Mahila College, Chapra (Saran)
  4. Ramjaipal College, Chapra (Saran)
  5. Ganga Singh College, Chapra (Saran)
  6. P. C. Vigyan College, Chapra (Saran)
  7. Jaglal Choudhary College, Chapra (Saran)
  8. Y. N. College, Dighwara, (Saran)
  9. Nandalal Singh College, Daudpur Jaitpur (Saran)
  10. P. N. College, Parsa, (Saran)
  11. H. R. College, Amnour, (Saran)

In Siwan District

  1.   D.A.V.College, Siwan
  2.   Vidya Bhawan Mahila College, Siwan
  3.   Raja Singh College, Siwan
  4.   R.B.G.R.College, Maharajganj, (Siwan)
  5.   Narayan College, Goriyakothi, (Siwan)
  6.   H. R. College, Mairwa, (Siwan)

In Gopalganj District

  1. Kamla Rai College, Gopalganj
  2. Mahendra Mahila College, Gopalganj
  3. Gopeshwar College, Hathwa, (Gopalganj)
  4. Bhola Prasad Singh College, Bhore, (Gopalganj)

The Affiliated Colleges are :-

  1. P.R. College, Sonpur, Saran. (Deficit Grant)
  2. Z.A. Islamia College, Siwan. (Deficit Grant and Minority College)
  3. Dr.P.N.Singh Degree College, Chapra.
  4. B.D.S.M. Mahila College, Salempur, Chapra.
  5. Lok Mahavidyalaya,Hafizpur Baniapur (Saran).
  6. Deoraha Baba Shridhar Das Degree College, Kadna Garkha (Saran).
  7. Daroga Pd.Rai Degree College, Siwan.
  8. Mazhrul Haque Degree College, Tarwara (Siwan).
  9. Desh Ratan Rajaendra Prasad Degree College, Ziradai (Siwan).
  10. Shri Mahendra Das Degree College, Mathia Nechua,  Jalalpur (Gopalganj)
  11. Mata Rojhni Devi Chhathu Ram Degree College, Mairwa (Siwan)

The Proposed Professional Colleges are :-

  1. Ganga Singh Law College, Chapra
  2. Siwan Engineering & Technical Institute, Siwan
  3. Gorakh Singh B. Ed. College, Maharajganj
  4. Solanki Teachers Training College, Chapra
  5. A. Y. T. Teachers Training College, Vill-Sariya, P.O.+P.S. – Guthni (Siwan)
  6. Baikunth Teachers Training College, Vill-Amlouri (Siwan)
  7. S. R. Teachers Training College, Line Bazar, Mirganj (Gopalganj)
  8. Govt. Teacher Training College, Dhai Akhar Bhawan, Near Bus Stand, Chapra
  9. Mathura Singh Teachers Training College, Jalalpur, Khalpura, Saran
  10. Prakash B. Ed. Teacher Training College, Chetan Chapra, N.H. 101, Saran
  11. Basudeo Singh Memorial B.Ed. College, Mashrak, Saran, Bihar.
  12. Rajendra Kishori B.Ed. College, Sughari, Bhagwanpur, Siwan.

Earlier, all the above constituent Colleges now under J.P.University, Chapra were under the territorial jurisdiction of the then Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. These Colleges had been established and were functional much before the birth of J. P. University. Rajendra College, Chapra the oldest College (established in the year 1938) of this University, occupies a Special Status in the field of higher education. Bihar Govt. has decided to develop this college as Centre of Excellence and Community College also. All the Constituent Colleges are registered with the U.G.C. under Section 12(f) of the U.G.C. Act and are getting U.G.C. grants. Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India under special package to Bihar State has selected seven colleges of this University for improvement of laboratory etc. Each college will be given Rs. 50 lakh for this purpose.

There are altogether Seventeen P.G. Departments which have proved their excellence in imparting quality education in the field of Higher Education and providing opportunities to the Students in carrying out research works of international Standard coping with the need of the days.

The J.P. University, Chapra has achieved its success in translating its primary and provide quality education to the Students of this backward region of Bihar into practical reality. Now the Students of this region, who were unable to go to other Universities inside or outside the State and were compelled to discontinue their higher Studies due to financial constraints are finding themselves in a position to attain higher education & showing their worth, that in no way they are lagging behind the students of other regions.

As reported in several economic surveys conducted by the Government agencies as well as Several Academic Bodies and NGOs that the population of Saran Division Comprises large number of families whose economic Status touches the Poverty level. The University is striving hard to do away with the disparity between the poor and rich families not only by opening colleges in most backward & interior areas but encouraging these colleges introduce job oriented vocational courses with solitary aim to bridging the gap between education and financial status of the population of this region.

  1. Programme for TDC-Part-I special examination-2019_Honours.
  2. Programme for TDC-Part-I special examination-2019_Subsidiary/General.
  3. Programme for PG Second Semester  (2016-18) and Fourth Semester  (2015-17)  Examination-2017.
  4. Programme for BCA (2015-18) IVth Semester Examination-2017.
  5. Programme for B. Ed. (2017-19) Second Year Examination-2019.
  6. Programme for PG (2016-18) First Semester Examination-2016.
  7. Programme for PG (2015-17) Third Semester Examination-2016.
  1. Submission of Fees and Forms of B.Ed.(2018-20) First Year Examination-2019.
  2. Examination form link for B.Ed. First Year (2018-2020).
  3. Submission of Fees and Forms of PG Second Semester (2016-18) and Fourth Semester (2015-17) Examination-2017.
  4. Examination form link for  PG IInd Semester (2016-18) and IVth Semester (2015-17) Examination-2017.
  5. Last date extended-Submission of Fees and Forms of B.Ed.(2017-19) Second Year Examination-2019.
  6. Submission of Fees and Forms of B.Ed.(2017-19) Second Year Examination-2019.
  7. Examination form link for B.Ed. 2nd Year (2017-2019).
  8. TDC-Part III Examination 2017.

The students of Dalit & underprivileged communities are encouraged to achieve education under Distance Education Programmes of this University which is just like bringing the higher education to their doorstep.

The 242 acres of land on the eastern side of Chapra town for developing the campus of the Univeristy has been acquired. The campus is being developed according to the Master Plan prepared by internationally acclaimed town planners.

J. P. University, Chapra was recognized by the UGC but its constituent colleges were already recognized prior to the recognition of the University. Naturally, the University got allocation of UGC grants under the X Plan period to the tune of Rs. 80.50 lakh as development grant and Rs. 10.00 lakh as unassigned grant.

Under XI Plan, the University was allocated Rs. 5.00 crore as General Development Grant and Rs. 3.0125 crore as grant earmarked for Merged Scheme. Under GDG 2.5 crore has been spent on the construction of Science Block and Rs. 1.5 crore has been spent on Social Science & Language – Humanities Block. Rs. 1 crore of GDG allocated, the University has utilized for purchase of books, journals and equipments.

The University has received more than 50% of the total grants allocated under the XI Plan period for implementation of the Merged Scheme. Under this scheme, construction of Central Library building, Women’s Hostel, Indoor Stadium and Basic facilities for Women building has been started, and are at various stages of completion. After receiving grants from UGC within six months these buildings will be functional. The University is also serious about the projects for guest house, botanical garden, Lok Nayak J. P. Study Centre, Bhikhari Thakur Study Centre, Human Rights Study Centre, beautification of Jai Prakash University campus and making it green by tree plantations etc. It is also serious about planning the development of the University under the XII Plan period. During XII plan period UGC has released 1.25 crore in 2012 which has been utilized in purchasing of journals, books and equipments.

From the grant received State Government main road from University main gate to administrative building has been made. Construction of a Canteen has been started in the campus which has also been funded by the State Government.

Further support of the state Govt. as well of the other funding agencies will give momentum to the pace of multidimensional development of the University and a new era will start for the students of this backward area in general & for the poor & underprivileged students in particular and they will have all opportunities to have a leap in the pursuit of higher education.

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