Bihar Board Inter 12th Exam Pattern 2020 with Syllabus

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The Bihar School Board has published a curriculum for new exams and questions for the Class 12, 2020 Intermediate Board exam. Bihar Board has launched a new pattern to increase the percentage of students passing on the intermediate exam. Some variations such as NRB and MB should be eliminated from several subjects and only two subjects should be added from 100 marks.

Bihar Board has completely changed the exam and question pattern. According to the new patterns of the exam questions, 50% of the questions are of the MCQ objective type and 50% of the questions are subjective. In such a case, it will be very different from the previous pattern and will be very easy for the students.

List of topics to choose from in the examination of the Intermediate Board of 2020.

  • Language 01- (Hindi / English) – 100 points.
  • Language 02 – (In addition to Language 01, none of the list 12) – 100 points
  • Optional Main 01-00 points
  • Optional Main 02-100 points
  • Optional primary 03- 100 points
  • Main additional topics 01 -100 points.

Introduction to the 6th theme as an additional topic

The Council has presented a sixth subject that can be selected as an additional subject. Now candidates can choose an additional topic that will be considered as topic 06 and will be applicable to everyone, be it an art student or a science …

For example, science students can choose physics, chemistry, math major and biology, multimedia, mathematics, and computer science as the sixth additional subject.

If any candidate fails in an optional subject and passes an additional subject, then their additional subject will become an optional main subject and will be declared immediately, which is a good opportunity for the student.

70 Marks Questions Is Prakar Honge

Type of QuestionNumber of QuestionsQuestion to be answeredMarks Alloted
MCQ Objective Type353535
Short Answer Type181020
Long Question Type060315
Total Marks70

100 Marks Questions Is Prakar Honge

Type of QuestionNumber of QuestionsQuestion to be answeredMarks Alloted
MCQ Objective Type505050
Short Answer Type251530
Long Question Type080420
Total Marks100

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