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Anganwadi Bharti 2019

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Anganwadi Recruitment 2019 For the various recruitment positions of Anganwadi 2019 here, please check the latest announcement. Anganwadi Recruitment 2019 All current vacancies in 2019, on June 5, 2019, have been updated here with the official link directly to the online application. Find the latest vacancy details, the registration process, the selection process, exam costs, interview dates and more information here.

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Aaganbadi Bharti 2019 (Recruitment Anganwadi 2019)

  • Recruitment in 31,000 positions of workers and assistants of Anganwadi.
  • The appointment will be based on merit.
  • The minimum educational qualification for the position is baccalaureate.
  • The government will also implement reserves in these recruitments.
  • Recruitment is going to be 10 years later.
  • The Committee will select the Anganwadi workers under the chairmanship of DM.
  • The District Program Officer will be your designated official.

Anganwadi Recruitment 2019: WCD, also known as the Ministry of Women and Children’s Development, has invited applications for 2084 Anganwadi recruitment workers, Mini Anganwadi workers, and Anganwadi assistant. If you are interested in this hiring of Anganwadi 2019 then you can apply for it online.

The information related to this Anganwadi work is as follows.

  • Job title: Anganwadi worker
  • Number of vacancies: 809 Posts
  • Scale: not specified
  • Post Name: Anganwadi Assistant
  • Number of vacancies: 1120 Posts
  • Scale: not specified
  • Job title: Mini worker from Anganwadi
  • Number of vacancies: 117 Posts
  • Scale: not specified

How to apply: – For this, you will have to apply online, go to the official website indicated below, complete the complete information and the charges can be paid through the available credit/debit/ banking card.

Recruitment selection process: – The applicant will be selected according to the list of eligible candidates in physical skills, written exam, interview, medical examination.

The ability to be a resident.

  • The Anganwadi Service / Assistant candidate must be a resident of the respective district and a voter according to the mapping record. OR
  • The name of the applicant’s husband/father-in-law is mandatory in the respective list of neighborhood voters.

Selection process

  • The general meeting will be organized on the public site under the center of the respective selection rooms. In the general body, only the supervisor in question will examine the original certificates and the candidate with the best grades will receive the selection letter in the selected site.
  • In the selection of assistants, preference will be given to the widowed candidate. In the absence of the candidate widow of the Bahusulya class, the widowed candidates of Scheduled Castes / ST (including minorities) / Overdue Classes (including minority) / general category (including minority) will be selected in the series respectively.
  • Candidates with the highest merit marks based on the merit marks will be selected in the absence of any of these candidates. No preference will be given for the greater eligibility of the applicant.
    Disqualification: people who work in government / non-government jobs, whose monthly income is more than Rs. 12,000 or more, or will be disqualified for selection in the position of wife / daughter-in-chief / assistant sales representative / public representative / related division.

8 वीं / 10 वीं / 12 वीं पास आंगनवाड़ी नौकरियां 2018-2019 अधिसूचना

विभाग का नाममहिला एवं बाल विकास मंत्रालय
भर्ती पोर्टल
पोस्ट नामTeacher, Helper, Worker, Consultants, Counselor, Project Manager, Secretary, Members, Executive Director, Director , Senior Consultants, General manager, Gender Convergence Officer, Legal Counsel, Administrative Officer
कुल PostVarious Jobs
एप्लिकेशन मोडऑनलाइन ,ऑफलाइन ( Both)
चयन प्रक्रियालिखित परीक्षा
नौकरी करने का स्थानState Wise
आयु सीमान्यूनतम 18 वर्ष

Instructions for selection and appointment of Anganwadi workers and assistants –

Guidelines for the selection and appointment of Anganwadi workers and assistants have been issued by Madhya Pradesh Government, Women and Child Development Department’s Memorandum No. 3-2 / 06 / 50-2 / Bhopal dated 10/07/2007. In the financial year 2009-10, an appointment of 9,691 Anganwadi centers and Anganwadi workers/assistants and sub-Anganwadi workers is being done in Anganwadi centers of 9820 sub-Anganwadi centers. Guidelines and time-table were issued by the semi-official letter No. 4811 dated 27/05/2009, Commissioner, Women, and Child Development for the above-mentioned procedure. In the said instructions, instructions were given to keep the drop boxes in the project offices and obtain the application form.

Information was being received from various levels that, when applying the application in the drop box, no acknowledgment is being given to the applicant for confirmation of the acknowledgment of the said application along with the application. Where there is no proof of documents attached by the applicants, there is a strong possibility that eligible women will not get opportunities in the final merit list. Keeping the above situation in view, after obtaining an application in the drop box, canceling the proceedings for an appointment, 9691 Additional Anganwadi Centers, 9820 Sub-Anganwadi Centers, for the process of appointment and posting vacant posts, as per the revised instructions as given below. To be done

  1. The entire process of appointment is known as the rule of governance. According to the order no. 3-2 / 06 / 50-2 Bhopal dated 10/07/2007, but according to the above instructions, in section A-2- (A) and A-2- (b) in subclass 4 Modification is done!
    “Anganwadi workers working in Anganwadi Centers / Minor Anganwadi Centers / Teachers of Child Anganwadi Centers / Teachers of Child Welfare Centers / Child Development Centers / Nivishan Dairy Organizations working at the Nutrition Center run in the urban areas in the East / East, / Asha Worker. (The above benefit will be given to only those applicants who can complain No 10 points for the first two years, 2 points for the first two years and 2-2 points per year for each year, 10 points each year, no benefit for less than 2 years of experience. Will not be given)

 2. Receipt of acknowledgment from the project office to the applicants – In the prescribed Appendix 02, prior to the acceptance, the amendment should be made as per the format.

  1. In order to invite applications from the district level, advertisements should be issued in accordance with the format enclosed in place of the draft sent before the attached Appendix 03.
  2. The amendment is made according to the prior time table attached to Appendix 06 for the action of appointment.

Therefore, in order to cancel the action taken for the recruitment of 9691 Anganwadi workers/assistants and 9820 sub-Anganwadi workers in the past, action should be taken according to the above mentioned posts and vacant posts in the future as per the above-mentioned instructions.

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